Cape Town Residential Eco Consultant

19th August 2015 – 22nd August 2015 all-day
Hotel Verde
Michigan Street
Cape Town, 7490
South Africa
2800 + VAT
Robyn Barron
021 300 1620

This Residential Eco Consultant course thoroughly explores the residential environment of a home and teaches the learner how to assess and identify solutions across all areas.

The course outlines recommendations for behavioural changes, correct maintenance practices and efficient retrofits to green a home. Filled with practical exercises, videos, examples and in-depth case studies, this course is ideal for those wanting to consult to the residential sector. Focus areas include energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste management, elimination of domestic contaminants and introduction to renewable energy.

This course also teaches learners how to make detailed assessments of payback periods and return on investments helping you to effectively make the best recommendations to your clients.

The course is aimed at consultants looking for a career as a Residential Eco Consultant as well as existing residential consultants looking to enhance their offerings.


  • Be assured of sound investments in green retrofit technology
  • Learn how to save money on utility bills
  • Obtain the skills to turn any home into an efficient, low-impact, cost-effective household
  • Begin a new career in the green industry by becoming a Residential Eco Consultant
  • Learn skills that give you specialist knowledge in the Eco industry
  • Gain competitive advantage as a general residential consultant
  • Forms the basis for your green marketing strategy of your residential business
  • Generate extra income with a green career
  • Work in your neighbourhood
  • Do more than spreading awareness: make a tangible difference to the world we live in