Cape Town Green Your Home / Green Your Guest House

19th August 2015 – 21st August 2015 all-day
Hotel Verde
Michigan Street
Cape Town, 7490
South Africa
2000 + VAT
Robyn Barron
021 300 1620

The Green Your Home / Green Your Guest House course is an important course for every household. It teaches learners the knowledge and skills required to take immediate steps aimed at living a greener lifestyle while saving your family and your business money in the process.

We teach learners how to run a green household or guest house without compromising existing lifestyle needs. You will learn how to effectively target inefficiencies, wastage of resources and how to select new technology, retrofit technology and change behaviour.

Focus areas include energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste management, elimination of domestic contaminants and introduction to renewable energy.


  • Save water
  • Save electricity
  • Save money on your running costs
  • Hedge yourself against future rises in tariffs
  • Know how to invest in your own home and enjoy a return of up to 40% (better than any bank!)
  • Differentiate yourself from other guest houses
  • Have a healthier home
  • Enjoy a warm home in winter
  • Enjoy a cool home in summer
  • Save greenhouse gases
  • Be sustainable
  • Be eco-friendly
  • Have as small a footprint as you can
  • Prepare your house for energy alternatives such as solar and wind
  • Be assured of sound investments in sustainability and efficiency