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Blue Moon Corporate Communications

For the fourth year in a row, Blue Moon Corporate Communications has received a carbon neutral rating, thus securing itself as one of the companies leading the green revolution in corporate South Africa. At 25 years old, the business continues to be guided by its values of ‘fresh, true and brave’, which is evident in […]

Mike Edwards – Institutional Consultant to Forestry South Africa

Before officially retiring in 2008, Mike held the position of Executive Director of Forestry South Africa (FSA) for 8 years. In total he worked for the forestry industry at FSA for 28 years. Mike holds the following positions: Founder member and Financial Director of NGO “Food & Trees for Africa” Financial Director of “Carbon Protocol […]

The latest update on Carbon Tax

The potential for jobs in carbon accounting and carbon project development South Africa’s Carbon Tax—what it means for potential future jobs. The Carbon Tax in South Africa, which was first proposed in 2013 and most recently postponed until 2016, is one of several green initiatives that aim to reduce greenhouse gasses and facilitate a transition to […]

Solar PV Jobs – You don’t have to be an engineer to work in the Solar PV industry

The Solar PV industry is an excellent one to join, especially in South Africa. The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) industry is one of the most exciting, fastest growing and environmentally friendly industries in the world, and in South Africa the PV industry has a particularly bright future. Solar PV capacity in South Africa has increased significantly, […]

What do you need to start your green career? Taking short courses is often sufficient

The increasing urgency to consider, protect and conserve the environment has produced a powerful and fast-growing Green workforce The Green Industry has experienced some of the fastest growth compared to other industries in the last decade, as a result green jobs have been in increasingly high in demand. The global population now recognises that it […]

Harmke Immink (Director of Promethium Carbon)

Harmke’s 12 years of climate change expertise is developed from environmental life cycle assessments (LCA), environmental audits and technical performance evaluation.  She has experience across industry sectors through a variety of technical surveys and industry roadmaps.